Subtraction without Regrouping

Subtraction Without Regrouping Lesson Plan & Worksheets

All you can find on this page are the ideas to teach and learn subtraction without regrouping. The idea of subtraction is operation of removing objects; as explained in Wikipedia page about subtraction. Naturally there are opposites to everything such as day and night, far and near, up and down, hot and cold, and millions more such examples are there. We can say that the subtraction is the reverse operation of addition.

Therefore, the day we learn addition of objects or numbers, the same day we should be ready to learn subtraction or take away of objects or numbers.

When we count by ones, twos or fives forward we develop our addition skills. Exactly the same way there is backward counting which introduces the idea of the take away. In other words if addition is going upward then subtraction is coming downward.

Common examples of subtractions in daily life are given below:
  1. When we collect coins in the piggy bank we add the money and when we spend that money on toys it is an example of subtraction.
  2. Mom bought the groceries and stock the freezer and when the whole family eats the food from the freezer this consumption of food is subtraction.
  3. The school bus picks the kids in the morning and the number of kids grows in the bus which is a good example of addition. After school when the same bus drops off the kids at their homes then it represents an excellent example for subtraction.
Hence we can say that addition and subtraction are both go side by side in daily life.

Now let's talk about 3rd grade math standards on subtraction. There may be different standards depending on the country or state or province of the school but it is clear that each third grade student need to know subtraction without regrouping using three digit numbers, at the minimum. 

Let's warm up ourselves by doing an easy subtraction worksheet; print the following worksheet by clicking on it:

One digit subtraction worksheet for 3rd grade math. Finish all the take away problems in this worksheet and get ready to do the hard ones.
Simple Subtraction Worksheet for 3rd grade math

All the problems in the above worksheet are taking away one digit number (less than 10) from a one digit or two digit number. As said earlier if you can do all the problems in the above worksheet by yourself, you can do all levels of subtraction for 3rd grade math.

Two digits subtraction without regrouping worksheet:

Practice problems on taking away a two digit number from another two digit number without regrouping.
Two Digit Subtraction Without Regrouping Worksheet

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