Simple Addition

Simple Addition Worksheets for Grade 3 Kids

Following are the worksheets containing simple addition problems, such as adding two numbers written horizontally. Kids can use these worksheets to practice how to add doubles or how to add a number to itself.

 Print the following worksheets on adding easy numbers as warm up drills for kids.

Adding doubles worksheet

Addition Equations For Third Grade Math:

Below is the worksheet to introduce easy addition equations to kids. Kids in grade three need to know about equations. Addition equations are like physical balance (weighing machines) which have the Left hand side equal to right hand side. Use the following worksheet to have your child practice on simple addition equations:


Addition Using the Mental Math:

Print the following worksheets to learn how to use the mental math for adding small numbers. These worksheets are very good resource to utilize the adding doubles skills to develop the mental addition of two small numbers and come up with the answer very quickly.

 Adding two numbers using mental math

2nd Worksheet on the same concept:

Adding numbers worksheet using mental math

Hence all the simple addition worksheets on adding two numbers horizontally, in math equations and using mental math skills. To find more introductory addition lessons and resources visit the site, this site has some cool lesson plans to introduce basic math concepts such as addition and subtraction to kids.

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