Rounding Numbers

Rounding numbers to ten thousands lessons and worksheets for 3rd grade math

To learn and practice rounding numbers to ten thousands, students can find all the required lessons and worksheets on this page.

Rounding numbers means getting an easier number which is not the exact answer but close enough for good estimation.

Rounding skills are very important to estimate the quantities and good aid to mental math skills.

Rounding to Nearest Tens:

Below are the rounding worksheets to nearest tens, print them all and practice your rounding skills.

Print this page to learn rounding numbers to nearest tens. 3rd grade math standards require kids in grade 3 to know these skills.
Rounding Numbers to Tens Worksheet 

Below are more worksheets on rounding numbers to tens for third grade students:

Second worksheet on rounding to nearest tens

Multiple choice problems rounding to tens

Rounding to Nearest Hundreds: 

Print the following worksheets to practice and learn how to round the numbers to nearest hundred.

Print this page to learn and practice rounding a given number to nearest hundreds. Good math skill for grade three kids.
Rounding to hundreds worksheet

Rounding to nearest hundreds worksheet - two

Multiple choice worksheet on rounding to hundreds 

Rounding Numbers to Nearest Thousands Worksheets:

Print the following worksheets on rounding numbers to nearest thousands.

Rounding to nearest thousand worksheet - 1 

Rounding numbers to nearest thousand worksheet - 2 

Multiple choice worksheet on rounding to nearest thousands

Rounding to Nearest Ten Thousands Worksheets:

Finally finish the rounding skills for 3rd grade math by learning and practicing how to round to nearest ten thousands. Print and finish the following worksheets on the concept:

Rounding numbers to nearest ten thousand worksheet - 1 

Rounding to nearest ten thousands worksheet - 2 

Multiple choice worksheet on rounding to nearest ten thousands

You can visit the following link to find more about rounding numbers:

Rounding and estimation from Open University

Hence the rounding worksheets for third grade math. Hope these worksheets have advanced your skills to next level. Now you are ready to do some work on estimating numbers.

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