Place Value 3rd Grade

Place Value Lessons and Worksheets For 3rd Grade Math 

This page contains cool place value lessons and worksheets for students learning 3rd grade math. Please feel free to print these lessons and worksheets.

Kids need to go over both of the problems given in the above lesson. Doing that they will be able to write numbers using base ten blocks. This section is a continuation of place value skills given in our 2nd grade math website.

Below are the worksheets based on the above lesson. Print all six of them and ask your kids or students to do all of the given problems in them. Doing so, kids will get perfect in writing numbers to ten thousands using different methods.

Place Value Worksheets for 3rd grade math (Numbers to 10 thousands)


More such worksheets are given below, just click on any of the following links to print the place value worksheets of your choice for your loved ones in grade three:

More to come, so stay tuned !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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