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Extra Practice on Place Value for Third Grade Math

This page is introduced to give extra practice on other forms of place value for kids in grade three. Print the following worksheets on numbers to ten thousands using different methods (to develop the skill of visualizing the numbers without base 10 blocks).

Worksheets on writing numbers in different ways:

Place value worksheets for 3rd graders which can be used to learn writing numbers in different forms. This worksheet uses numbers to ten thousands to teach the concept of place value.
Place Value worksheet for third grade math

Print the following worksheets on the same concept:

Worksheets # 2         Worksheet # 3         

Worksheet # 4             Worksheet # 5 

Worksheets on finding the value of digit in a given number:

Value of a digit worksheet - 1                                Value of a digit in a number - 2 

More worksheets on place value:

Given below are more worksheets on the concept of the place value for 3rd grade math and it is strongly suggested to do all of these worksheets.

Place value of an underlined digit worksheets:  WS-1           WS-2              WS-3 

More worksheets on finding value and place value of digits in a given number:

WS-1                  WS-2                  WS-3                 WS-4                  WS-5 

WS-6                  WS-7                  WS-8                 WS-9                  WS-10 

Hope that above worksheets will advance students' third grade math skills.

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