Estimating Sums

Estimating Sums Lessons & Worksheets

This page is a one stop convenience to learn how to estimate sums. Kids can reinforce their basic math skills by learning estimating sums by using the following lessons and estimating sums worksheets.

Estimating sums lesson to teach mental math strategies on how to add two number in head.

There are many situations in our daily lives when we don't need the exact answer of certain additions. We can use estimation skills to give a good estimate of the sum.

The best way to estimate sums is to round to nearest tens or hundreds. This page has some estimating addition lessons and worksheets to develop this skill in grade three.

Multiple Choice Worksheet On Estimating Sums 

Every measurement system of the world works on the basis of bench marking. In other words, there are standard units to measure quantities.

For example; to measure mass the standard is grams or pounds, to measure distance the benchmark is meter or yard.

Click on the worksheet image below and introduce the idea of how to estimate sum of two numbers less than 100.
Multiple choice worksheet on how to estimate sum of two numbers.

More Worksheets On How To Estimate Sum of Two Numbers 

More worksheets on estimating sums are given down this page. Please make sure to print all of them so that your kids or students can learn how to estimate addition of two numbers

Worksheet on Estimating sums             Estimating sum of a given number worksheet                                                                   

Hope that above worksheets and lessons will help kids to develop their estimation skills in 3rd grade math. By having such skills students can add two numbers in their head easily or they get able to give a good estimate of sum of two or more numbers.

We wish all the third grade students success in their education and life
Guru Angad Educational Team

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