Estimating Numbers

Estimating large numbers such as 1000 or 10 000

Can you guess that  how big is the number 1000?

The answer can be hidden in 1000 coins of 1 dollar. 1000 students in a school or ten $100 bills. 

What about the population of your city? Number of cars in your city? or Pumpkin seeds in all the pumpkins at a store?

All the above statements represent large numbers which can be counted or estimated farely.

In case of  the population we can count the number of persons in that city, province (state) or in the whole country.

But, what about the number of pumpkin seeds in all the pumpkins in the store?

We can give a fare estimate about it too without counting all the seeds in each pumpkin.

We can count number of seeds in one pumpkin and time this number with the number of pumpkins in the store (which is beyond the scope of grade 3 math).

How to estimate?

Consider an example of pumpkins, that there are 6 pumpkins in the store and there are 100 seeds in one pumpkin. Then there are approximately 600 pumpkin seeds in all of the six pumpkins.

So, the bottom line to estimate is to make a smaller unit of the objects (seeds in 1 pumpkin) and then add or multiply all the units to get a fare estimate of the gross number.

Consider there are 50 paper clips in a small package then we can estimate the number of paper clips in the larger package by comparing their sizes.

Let's do the following worksheets to estimate the numbers using a benchmark.

Estimating Numbers Worksheet - Using A Benchmark

Print the following worksheets to practice the skill specially developed for 3rd grade math estimation standards:

Print this free worksheet to practice and learn how to estimate numbers. This worksheet is based on the 3rd grade math standards.


How to estimate numbers worksheet

That's all from us on estimating the numbers worksheets and lessons for 3rd grade math. The following links can be visited to find more information on different grade levels for curriculum on estimating the numbers.

Hope that this page will help to advance your kids' estimation skills to the next level.

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