Advanced Addition

Advanced Addition Worksheets for 3rd Grade Math

Three digit addition without regrouping worksheet:

In 3rd grade math students get an opportunity to learn different kinds of addition problems. These skills enhance their basic math understanding and abilities.

Print the following 3 digit addition without regrouping worksheet to learn and practice this key skill.

3 digit addition worksheet without regrouping

3 digit addition with regrouping worksheet

Print the following worksheet to practice and learn how to add two 3 digit numbers.

3 digit addition with regrouping

4 Digit Addition With Regrouping Worksheet

Mid level adding problems can contain 4 digit addition worksheets,  print the same given below:

Adding two 4 digit numbers with regrouping

More Worksheets are given below:

Please feel free to print the following worksheets too to make your kids perfect in addition of numbers. All levels of additions have been included in these worksheets. Kids in grade three have a good chance to learn how to add numbers and how to add them when they are as big as thousands or tens of thousands.

Keeping this in mind we have a mix of worksheets on addition of 3 numbers with 2 digits each, 3 digits each and 4 digits each.

Down the page find these worksheets and print them to learn all the addition strategies given in this site.


Hence, all the key 3 and 4 digit addition worksheets for third grade level. We encourage all the students to print and finish all of these worksheets. The reward will be awesome, "very high math scores in grade 3 and beyond". All the three digit addition worksheets and lessons are created very carefully so that by doing a handful of the problems you can understand the concept.

All the three digit addition problems will make you very very strong in basic math (arithmetic) and you will be ready to learn higher concepts in grade three math, such as, patterns, multiplications and key division strategies.

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