Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Various Topics in 3rd Grade Math Around the World

3rd Grade Math Standards

What to learn in third grade math?

Welcome to our site, where you can print free 3rd grade math lessons and worksheets for your students or kids.

This site provides excellent lessons to learn grade 3 math and then worksheets to practice the skills learned at school or through our lessons.

Below is the brief description of third grade math topics or standards being taught throughout the world in elementary schools:

1. Numbers to ten thousands:
Kids in grade three need to know the large numbers because they should be able to count large number of objects, such as population of a country or yearly salary of their parents.

Students should be able to write these numbers in place value charts, in words and in expanded form.

This site is a good resource to develop such skills. Use our special lessons and worksheets on place value and number estimation for your students or kids.

2. Adding numbers with and without regrouping:
Grade 3 math gives a very good opportunity to learn the basic math operation of addition. In this school year, students have to learn how to add 3 and 4 digit numbers, with regrouping.

3. Subtraction with and without regrouping:
Students learning 3rd grade math need to learn the key operation of subtraction. This grade level provides perfect  opportunity to learn how to subtract numbers without regrouping and with regrouping.

4. Patterns in Numbers and Shapes:
Understanding increasing and decreasing patterns, students develop the skills to learn algebra in higher grades. So, to enhance the reasoning power among students they should try a number of different worksheets or exercises on patterns.

This section of our website have all kinds of patterns lessons and worksheets for your kids in third grade.

4. Skip Counting by 5's, 10's, 25's and 50's:
In 2nd grade math, there is a good opportunity to learn skip counting by 2's, 3's and 5's. But third grade math provides good time to learn skip counting by larger numbers such as by 10's or 25's or even by 50's.

5. Introduction to Equal Groups or Multiplication:
Yes, grade three is the right time to introduce the concept of multiplication to kids. Multiplication is another form of repeated addition or skip counting. Kids who are good at addition and skip counting do excellent in multiplication.

So, we encourage kids to make their addition and skip counting skills very strong before moving to learn multiplication.

6. Measuring Quantities:
Year 3 kids need to learn measuring time, distance, mass and money. Cool lessons and worksheets are included in this site to learn and practice different kinds of measurements.

In this section students are also introduced with the concept of area and perimeter of 2D shapes.

7. Fractions or Parts of Whole:
Introductory fraction topics such as writing fractions, comparing fractions and equivalent fractions are also in the grade 3 math standards or curricula around the world.

8. Basic Geometry:
Lessons and worksheets are included in this website to introduce basic shapes to students. Students get an opportunity to learn polygons, 2D and 3D shapes and figures.

9. Graphing and Data Collection:
This section includes lessons and worksheets to learn and practice data collection. Students use these worksheets to practice basic graphs, ordered pairs and basic probability.

So stay tuned and soon you will find this site filled with 3rd grade math lessons and worksheets for your loving 3rd graders.